Pick of the Month - February 2019

This year I wanted to showcase the images which I felt were the best I had taken in any one month. They won't necessarily be wildlife orientated and could include landscape or architecture. 


In February we had two beautiful weeks of warm weather so I took the opportunity to visit some coastal areas in Suffolk and also some wonderful churches.
St Mary's Church Huntingfield (grade I listed) has one of the most glorious Victorian painted ceilings in any country church in England. The Revd. William Holland Rector from 1848 to 1891 restored the building while his wife MIldred recreated the splendour of a 15th century roof. Covering the ceiling of the nave are decorated panels of apostles and saints, over the chacel angels bear the symbols of Christ's Passion, all in bold heraldic colours. The length is punctuated by carved angels projecting from the rafters.

Walberswick was a busy port trading in fish, cheese, corn, bacon and timber right up to the first world war. The village had three churches. Today, St. Andrew's is tucked into the ruins of a much larger church which demonstrates how prosperous the village was.

Dunwich Heath is a beautiful place to visit with many walking trails through the heather and strolls along the miles of beach.
Felixstowe is one of the busiest ports in the country. A short distance from the port is a nature reserve where plenty of birds, butterflies and wildflowers can be found.