Action in 2020 - March (1)

 Wednesday 25th March

Lock Down Begins

Covid-19 has hit the UK and lock down has begun. We are lucky to live in a beautiful part of Suffolk and will still be able to walk daily as long as we stay vigilant and stick by social distancing rules.

My first walk out since lock-down took me passed the old mill by the river where the swans have nested this year.  In all ten eggs were laid and six signets hatched.  Of those six only three have survived.
I continued my walk across the fields to Shelly and back by the road to Lower Layham and then home.
Signs of spring were everywhere and wild flowers were abundant.  

Red Dead Nettles near the river

Blackthorn Blossom in the bushes

Butterburr by the River Brett

On arriving home and sitting down with a cup of coffee I spotted these two male pheasants having a 'stand-off' at the bottom of the garden by the river.