Action in 2020 - July

Sunday 14th July

Shingle Street

Shingle Street is a small coastal hamlet situated between Bawdsey and Orford. It was originally home to fishermen and river pilots. A martello tower was built in the 19th century and later became the coastguard station.
Many of the original buildings date from the 19th century although several were destroyed during world war II. Those that remain are mostly holiday lets.
Although there is only a shingle beach the ebb and flow of the tide over the years, plus the wind, has created huge mounds of shingle, pools and inlets that fill and empty with the tide.

One of the many pools and a fisherman's cottage.

One of the shingle mounds and inlets.

Holiday lets.

Old fishing paraphernalia.

There are several different kinds of coastal flowers and shrubs along the shingle.

Small Copper butterfly on Tansy.