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Voyage Award (2024)

Having finished the Trefoil 'Stars Award' I have decided to partake in the bronze 'Voyage' award. The award consists of  five sections, Service, Explore my world, Myself, Teamwork and Skills. I am going to start with  Explore my world and Teamwork. Explore my World - Walk the Suffolk Coastal Footpath The Suffolk Coastal Path covers an area of sixty miles. Although I enjoy walking I am not able to walk more than three to four miles at any one time. By splitting the walk into small chunks I hope to cover the distance by doing twenty separate walks. My first walk will be from Landguard Point in Felixstowe. Landguard Point - Cobbold Point  (Monday 4th March - 3.3 miles. Rout taken along the sea front. Time taken 1.35hrs) Today is perfect for walking. Light cloud with sunshine and no wind. It is 9.55 and I am about to start my walk from Landguard Point. The Point, one of the driest places in Britain, contains a 33 acre Nature Reserve of vegetated shingle which is a Site of S