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Minibeasts There are thousands of minibeasts lurking in the undergrowth, hidden in the crevices of tree bark, buried under shingle and stones and even some in the corners of our sheds and garages. Most of these go unseen by us humans as we rush about our daily lives. (That's unless it's a spider crawling around the bath or up the bedroom wall). This year I'm going to try and show case some of these tiny , (often beautiful) creatures in their natural habitats and supply a little information about each. 7-spot ladybird (Coccinella 7-punctata) There are many varieties of ladybird but the 7-spot is the one most people are familiar with. They can usually be found in places where aphids are present. They can consume as many as 5000 aphids during their life-long year. The adults spend the winter in a dormant state and emerge in the spring. The 7-spot ladybird has red wing cases with a pattern of seven black spots. It has a black and white thorax. The bright colours warn p