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For a while now I have wanted to get some decent images of Kingfishers. I have walked by the rivers and sat in hides but to no avail, until last Thursday. It was a bright day and I felt optimistic as I made my way to Lackford Lakes. I headed for the 'double decker ' hide and waited. There had been sightings earlier in the morning. I hoped they would appear again. Within half an hour a Kingfisher was perched and the shutters were being released. It flew to a perch closer to where I was seated and I was able to get some great shots. Next time I'll hopefully get some shots of a Kingfisher fishing!

Grey Seals

The grey seal is the larger of the two seal seen around our coastline. The grey seal can be distinguished from the common seal by its nose. The nostrils are set apart and parallel, not V shaped as on the common. The male is much heavier than the female and darker in colour. They come ashore to mate and give birth, usually between October and January. The bulls can become very aggressive during mating and the cows will often fight back to protect their pups. Some of the images portray this behaviour.