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Grasshoppers and Crickets

How often do you hear people confuse crickets with grasshoppers? There are several differences although they look similar. The grasshopper goes out during daylight hours while the cricket goes out at night. The grasshopper is larger than the cricket. The grasshopper comes in colours of: neutral, green, grey or light brown. The cricket comes in bright and dark colours. Grasshoppers can fly and jump while crickets only usually jump. The cricket also has longer antennae. The cricket makes a chirping sound by rubbing its wings together, while the grasshopper rubs its wings with its hind legs. Grasshoppers hear through ears situated on the base of the abdomen while crickets hear through an organ situated on the front legs. There are several different types of both English grasshoppers and crickets. Some of these are shown below. Dark Bush Cricket (Pholidoptera griseoaptera) The dark bush cricket can be found in southern and central England and south wales.