Action in 2020 - May (1)

Tuesday 5th/Friday 8th May

Lock-down walks

Swans swapping over duties as we walk passed the mill on our walk today.

Today our walk takes us along Pope's Green Lane and out into the countryside.  Not far along we turn off onto a bridleway leading to Wyncoll's Lane.

Along the track there is a massive oak tree. It is one of the largest in the area. Barn owls are regular visitors here.

Another view of the same tree.

We soon reach the old cart track leading to Wyncoll's Lane. This cart track was used by cart and horses many years ago.

The branches of the trees converge overhead forming a tunnel. It's very surreal. The tunnel emerges near Wincoll's Farm. Here we turn right and follow the lane until it joins Pope's Green Road again.

We saw many flowers and insects on the way round including this female Orange Tip butterfly and a Sawfly.

On returning to Layham we were surprised to find the first of the cygnets had hatched.