Action in 2020 - September

Tuesday 15th September

Walberswick and Westwood Marshes

Another beautiful day to follow a Gill Moon walk, this time along the dunes of Walberswick, through to Westwood Marshes.

Dunes at Walberswick

We crossed one of the old wooden bridges and headed for the dunes. Walking along the dunes we watched people arriving for a day on the beach. We passed many black beach huts and some holiday lets.

Black Beach Huts

Holiday Let

Reaching the end of the dunes we cross a bridge and follow the river through the reeds to the marsh.

Bridge across the river

Before turning onto the marshes we pass the old tide mill which once would have been used to drain the land.  It was also used to grind corn for animal feed.

Tide Mill

Reeds ran along side the river and there were several dragonflies darting about and a family on swans were on the river.

Reed Beds

Exiting the marsh we follow the path which leads through a wooded area (we pass a World War II pillbox on the way) and out onto the road that leads back to Walberswick.


One of the thatched houses had five or six thatcher's dollies on the roof.  My images shows a cat and her kitten.

Thatcher's Dolly

We continue into the village where it is now fairly busy and back to the car park.

Village Life