Action in 2020 - September

Thursday 10th september


Walton became popular as a seaside resort during the Victorian era when people were able to travel by train and boat to the destination. There was a decline in its popularity after the second world war.

The Naze

Naze Beach Huts

The Naze Tower, built in 1720, is a historic 86ft navigational tower built to aid shipping.  It  now houses a tea room, art gallery, museum and a roof viewing platform with amazing panoramic views.

The Naze Tower

Large parts of the Naze have eroded away over the years at a rate of 1 - 2 metres a year.  The pill-boxes from the second world war have fallen from the cliffs and now lay on the beach.


If erosion continues at the same rate it is likely in 50 years time the Naze Tower will be lost to the sea and the Naze might become an island.

Cliff Erosion