Mark's Hall

My visit to Mark's Hall today was to see the snowdrop display and also to try and get some photos with some good 'lead in' lines.

Dog Wood Trees

I thought these striking Dog Wood trees with the path running between created a good lead in line.

Meandering Stream

The stream that meanders from the rushes at the bottom of the image to the bridge towards the top of the image was my next try at lead in lines.  I then realised the path to the side was also leading to the bridge from a different direction.  I think this caused to much confusion.

Snowdrops through the woods

My next image with lead in lines was the path through the woods with snowdrops on either side.  I thought this worked well.

Snowdrops in the woods

More snowdrops

I left the snowdrop area to go and explore the Australasian area.  I love the smell of the eucalyptus trees and the way the bark peels off the trees rather than shedding its leaves.

Patterns of the eucalyptus bark